Al-Iraqiya: UN envoy Martin Kobler is not impartial .

NCRI- The Al-Iraqiya Alliance issued a statement accusing Martin Kobler, the head of the United Nations Assistance Mission in Iraq, of partiality with regards to the anti-Maliki protestors’ demands, Baghdad TV reported on Monday.

Al-Iraqiya said that Martin Kobler’s stand was not impartial and he was giving in to the [al-Maliki] government on the demands of the protesters.  The Iraqi coalition said Martin Koblers’ position is in violation of international law.

Baghdad TV reported:  “Martin Kobler’s remarks on categorizing the demands of protestors to illegitimate and illegitimate ones has been described by the Popular Committees as being partial and therefore unacceptable to them.” The Popular Committees said in a statement that Martin Kobler’s proper role was to remain neutral, the report added.

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