Al-Iraqiya leaders warn against Iranian regime meddling and press on right to form new government

Two of the leaders of al-Iraqyia List, the winner of the Iraqi parliamentary elections in March, have once again reiterated the list’s position that as the winning coalition it has the legitimate and legal right to form a new government in Iraq.

One of them also warned in a statement published in Azzaman daily about the Iranian regime’s plots against attempts to form a government in Baghdad.

In a statement on Sunday, Dr. Zafer al-Ani, said, “The Iranian regime’s stance is not surprising because it wants to prevent the establishment of a political movement toward independence in Iraq.”

“The regime wants Iraq to remain under the domination of Iran’s Supreme Leader as its back yard for the advancement of its aggressive regional policies. These policies run counter to the wishes and ideals of the Iraqi people,” Dr. al-Ani added.

He once again reiterated the al-Iraqyia List’s right to form a new government and criticized the politicization of the judiciary, according to Azzaman daily.

Separately, al-Sharqiya TV reported on Saturday that another al-Iraqiya leader also stressed the coalition’s right to form the next government.

Osama al-Najifi said, “Depriving al-Iraqiya of its legal rights – the formation of government – is considered a crime against the people and democracy.”

Al-Najifi added, “al-Iraqiya is a coalition that has proven its unity and legally deserves to form a government. This is contrast to all other coalitions and movements which have weakened and their divisions have now surfaced.”


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