Al-Iraqiya has an obligation to form new Iraqi government, senior Iraqi politician says

Mr. Zafer al-Ani one of the senior leaders of the al-Iraqiya List, which won majority votes during March’s parliamentary elections in Iraq, warned on Thursday about foreign influence in Iraqi affairs while insisting on the list’s right to form a new government.

Speaking with al-Baghdadiya TV, Zafer al-Ani said, “To the degree which we are worried about making the formation of the Iraqi government an international issue, we are also concerned about it being a regional issue.”

He referred to suggestions by some political groupings, like the coalitions of Iranian regime-backed Ammar Hakim and Nouri al-Maliki, for re-elections, adding, “This shows that the political trend is increasingly deteriorating.”

“Political forces have an obligation to comply with the rule of the law and the winning list is obligated with forming a government.”

The current situation is the outcome of a failure to abide by the principle of democracy, Mr. al-Ani added.

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