Al-Iraqiya censures Maliki attempts to stay in power

While the Iranian regime is still trying its utmost to renew the premiership of Nouri al-Maliki, spreading false information and fabricated stories about a consensus among political forces and regional governments in this regard, the al-Iraqiya list, which won the March parliamentary elections, suggested in a strongly-worded statement on Friday that its red line is any government formed by al-Maliki. It said the experience of al-Maliki at the helm cannot be repeated and it cannot participate in any government led by the embattled prime minister.

 Al-Iraqiya announced that it does not recognize Iranian-led efforts to form a so-called “National Unity” coalition, viewing this as an attempt to solidify sectarian conflict in Iraq.

The statement in part reads:

Over seven months have lapsed since the parliamentary elections which declared the al-Iraqiya coalition as the winner. During this time, Iraqi politics has experienced a wave of legal violations and deliberate obstructions by the al-Maliki government to deprive the al-Iraqiya faction of its legal and democratic rights. These attempts included calculated elimination and sidelining (of Iraqiya), recounting the ballots, and later efforts to reinterpret the law to monopolize power.

Additionally, meddling by some neighboring countries in Iraq’s political trend through imposing their interests and agenda has complicated matters in order to deviate political developments from their national course and the choice and will of the Iraqi people.

Currently, it is with utmost regret that these attempts and interferences continue with the stewardship of the government to sideline and eliminate others and circumvent the Iraqi people’s will. This has created extensive and serious challenges in Iraq’s politics.

That is why al-Iraqiya believes that the continuation of the current government, which has resorted to irrational, illogical, and contradictory actions and distanced itself from the constitution and democratic values harbors great dangers against the general interests of the Iraqi people. On this basis, al-Iraqiya declares the following:

1. Al-Iraqiya will not recognize the so-called National Unity coalition or its statements and statements, viewing its creation as an effort to cement sectarianism in Iraq.
2. Al-Iraqiya believes that the current method of running the affairs of the country by Mr. Maliki cannot be repeated. Therefore, al-Iraqiya will not participate in or cooperate with any government led by Mr. Maliki.
3. Al-Iraqiya will continue consulting with other coalitions, especially the National Coalition, to form a national government based on its electoral and political rights.

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