Al-Aloosi: Iran-Iraq joint committee for solving Camp Ashraf issue is illegal

In an exclusive interview with al-Malaf website, Mesal al-Aloosi, the leader of Iraq’s Umma Party said: “Since taking power by Maliki, the Iraqi government has not respected internal and international laws.”
Al-Aloosi added: “Also in regards to Camp Ashraf, this government has not been committed to any humanitarian norm and the Iranian regime interferes in the most elementary affairs of Iraq including Camp Ashraf issue.”

He explained: “Statements by Hoshyar Zebari, Iraqi Foreign Minister about formation of a joint committee by Iran and Iraq for solving Camp Ashraf problem is unrealistic and this committee is illegal because the two sides that are in the committee are not unbiased.” Al-Aloosi added: “The Iraqi government repeats whatever the Iranian regime says.”

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