Ahmadinejad calls impeachment of his minister “illegal”

Four days after the regime’s Minister of Transportation was ousted by a vote of no-confidence by Majlis (Parliament), the mullahs’ President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad decried the move, calling it “illegal” and threatening to reveal information about Majlis.

According to the state-run Fars news agency on Saturday, Ahmadinejad complained that the regime’s Majlis “took the best minister in the cabinet.”

“If the things used to justify the impeachment are faults, then those who actually impeached him are 100 more times at fault,” Ahmadinejad was quoted as saying.

Last week, Hamed Behbahani was impeached by the mullahs’ Majlis, as a measure reportedly instigated in the context of factional feuding within the regime.

To minimize the consequences of the move, Ahmadinejad claimed he sought to “seriously investigate” the potential of impeachment before Majlis acted, but refrained.

In a rebuff to the Majlis, Ahmadinejad has reappointed Behbahani as the caretaker Minister of Transport, according to Khabar Online.

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