Ahmad Chalabi, Iranian regime’s spy and a thief under investigation, bespeaks mullahs’ plans

Camp Ashraf military occupation – No. 5

As condemnations of Nouri al-Maliki for occupation of northern parts of Camp Ashraf by columns of armored vehicles continue to mount in Iraq and the world, Ahmad Chalabi, the Iranian regime’s notorious spy and a wanted international thief bespeaks of the mullahs’ plans and intentions. “I support the measures adopted by the Iraqi government aimed at ending the presence of MKO in Iraq” said Chalabi.


In a statement issued under orders from his employer in Tehran, Chalabi, in a clumsy way, revealed Iranian regime’s plans for occupation of a third of Camp Ashraf’s land in the north, contradicting numerous denials by the Iraqi government officials.

In an attempt to justify a war crime, crime against humanity and the international community, Chalabi adds, “This terrorist group took part in suppression of uprising in Iraq in March 1991.  They are still killing Iraqis and continue to irritate the Democratic state of Iraq   (Ahmad Chalabi’s website, Iraqi National Congress, April 4, 2011).

Chalabi, a well known spy of the clerical regime with a shameful record in providing misleading information for instigating a war in favor of the Iranian regime, is hated by the Iraqi people.
In April 2008, The Washington Times reporting on publication of a book entitled “Chalabi a Charlatan” wrote that at time when developments moved towards war with Iraq, Chalabi was working with the Iranian Revolutionary Guards under supervision of General Ahmad Foruzandeh, a Qods Force commander designated as a terrorist by the U.S. government.
In an interview with The Times of London, General Petraeus, then the Commander of CENTCOM, said that based on intelligence data, the Iraq’s Accountability and Justic Commission has turned into a tool at the hands of Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corps’ Qods force (Alhurra TV – 26 Jan. 2010).

General Raymond Odierno, Commander of U.S. forces in Iraq also told the media, that the U.S. intelligence has documents proving Ahmad Chalabi was associated with Iran.  Christopher Hill, U.S. Ambassador to Iraq at the time also confirmed what General Odierno had said about Iran’s influence on decision made by the Iraq’s Accountability and Justice Commission decisions. (Alshrqya TV and Alhurra  TV, 17 Feb. 2010)

Everyone is informed of Chalabi’s record as a thief carrying international warrant. Marwan Muasher, former Deputy Prime Minister of Jordan said in late 2005, that the Jordanian government will not cooperate with Chalabi until his 22 years of prison sentence on charges of embezzlement of $300 million in assets of Petra bank had been resolved.  (Al Zaman daily, 17 November 2005).

Chalabi’s disgusting cooperation with the clerical regime ruling in Iran on the occupation of Ashraf, comes at the time when even the commander of Commander of Operation of Iraqi Army in Diyala province who tried to play down the move in Camp Ashraf told Agence France Press, “Our vehicles have not even crossed one meter into the camp.”

The Iranian Resistance warns about Iranian regime’s murderous plans for the military occupation of Camp Ashraf and reminds the United Nations and the United States of their legal responsibility in terms of assuming the protection of Camp Ashraf, as a disarmed area within the framework of international laws.

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran
April 5, 2011

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