Ahmad al-Alwani: UN has shortchanged Iranian refugees

In a press interview, Ahmad al-Alwani, a member of the Iraqi Parliament from al-Iraqia Coalition said: “The issue of Ashraf residents must be resolved in a humane manner; the Iraqi government must provide protection and security for Iranian refugees at Ashraf and should not give in to political pressure in its treatment of Ashraf residents,” al-Malaf website reported on June 3.

Al-Alwani, who is Chairman of the Economics Committee at the Iraqi Parliament, said: “Subsequent to transfer of Ashraf residents’ protection from the Americans to the Iraqis, there have been many major transgressions against Ashraf residents and their rights have been violated, last of which was slaying of more than 30 of them.”

According to al-Malaf, al-Alwani also expressed regret about the recent attack during which innocent residents of Camp Ashraf were killed and said such actions were contrary to Islam’s teachings.

In response to a question, al-Alwani declared his support for an international approach for resolution of the issue of Ashraf residents in order to end their suffering and to find a final peaceful solution in compliance with Geneva Conventions and international laws.

Al-Malaf wrote: “Al-Alwani also pointed out that the United Nations has shortchanged Ashraf residents in view of their sufferings, and called on the UN to provide a solution for Ashraf residents — in accordance with human rights and UN conventions — that guarantees their safety and does not force them to do anything and gives them the right to stay in Iraq or leave it as they decide.”

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