Agents of Prime Ministry return 46 prospective Iraqi buyers of residents’ property in Ashraf from Camp Liberty’s entrance gate

Massacre and mass execution in Ashraf – No. 104
Flagrant breach of international and Iraqi laws and agreements with UN and U.S.
Three months passed when the last group of Ashraf residents were transferred to Camp Liberty, the Iraqi Prime Ministry, in breach of international regulations and Iraq’s law and contrary to multilateral agreements accepted by this government, continues to prevent purchase of residents’ property in Ashraf by Iraqi merchants.

On December 1 and 2, 2013, head henchman Ahmed Khozair refused entry to six Iraqi merchants who had come to Camp Liberty to sign a contract for purchase of Ashraf property and after stalling them for hours, he ultimately returned them. With this six, the number of merchants who since the month of October have been returned from the entrance gate to Camp Liberty reaches 46. They were harassed or their mobile phones were taken from them despite the fact that they had all come to Camp Liberty with the agreement from and prior notice to UNAMI and the Iraqi forces.
Ahmed Khozair is one of the murderers of PMOI members in Ashraf and one of the elements responsible for the September 2013 and April 2011 massacres who has played a very active role in the two years of psychological torture and the five years of anti-human siege against Ashraf and Camp Liberty.
According to one of the articles of a joint plan of UNAMI and the U.S. Embassy in Iraq on September 5, 2013 that has been agreed to by Government of Iraq, “GoI shall allow residents to sell their property at any time” and “GoI guarantees protection of all Ashraf property”.
A day later, Ms. Beth Jones, Assistant Secretary of State for Near Eastern Affairs, in a letter to Mrs. Rajavi underlined the above agreement and wrote: “the United Nations will help facilitate the safeguarding of the property at Ashraf through your retention of a trusted local security firm. The U.S. Embassy will do its utmost to support these efforts.” In the past three months, not only none of the articles of this plan and the letter have been implemented, but Government of Iraq plans daily and systematically on how to steal residents’ property and deprive them of their property rights.

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran
December 04, 2013

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