Agents of Iranian regime gather at southern flank of Ashraf, a preparation for attack

The Iranian regime assembled number of its paid agents disguised as Iraqi tribes this morning at the southern flank of Ashraf to pretend as if the inhabitants of Diyala province seek expulsion of Ashraf residents, members of the opposition People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI). Despite extensive efforts by the regime’s embassy in Baghdad, the terrorist Qods force, and agents of the regime’s Ministry of Intelligence and Security (MOIS), only a limited number gathered at the point. The regime had spent a lot of money for this affair and provided vehicles for their transfer. The agents admitted that their plan had failed.

The Iraqi battalion under Nouri al-Maliki command, which is supposedly tasked to protect Ashraf, had been preparing to host these people for days along with the MOIS agents who have been engaged in psychological torture of Ashraf residents for the past 11 months. Some of their preparations included large bags of rice, slaughtering a number of lamb and several large pans of food.

The agents hurled stones at the residents inside the camp’s perimeter. At least five residents including two women were hurt. The agents, using powerful loudspeakers, shouted: “We are not going to let you stay in this area. You are terrorists and we want to get you out.”

An agent by the name of Nasseri, who is working at the regime’s embassy in Baghdad under the cover of economic consultant, was in command of the agents on the scene. Nafe al-Issa, an Iraqi agent working at the regime’s embassy, accompanied Nasseri. Nasseri and Alireza Nowbakht are the main elements of the terrorist Qods force within the embassy.

Some of the agents on the scene were preparing reports for Arabic language television networks of the regime including Al-Alam, Al-Diyar and Al-Forat and for English language network Press TV.

As the Iranian Resistance had warned in its statements on December 1, 5 and 9 about new plots by the regime against Ashraf and the today’s gathering of the regime’s agents, the regime is setting the grounds with these ridiculous shows for massacre of Ashraf residents and a humanitarian catastrophe.

Once again, the Iranian Resistance reminds the US forces of their direct responsibility towards the protection of Ashraf residents and calls for establishment of the US forces and the monitoring team of UNAMI in Ashraf to guarantee protection of the residents and that their rights will be respected.

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran
December 11, 2010

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