After three weeks, Iraqi forces prevent the transfer of the fifth group’s property to Camp Liberty

Many items are being damaged under the sun and others are being stolen

Three weeks ago, the Iraqi representative made a commitment in presence of the UN representatives to transfer the property of the fifth group totaling 50 trailers to Liberty. He promised to transfer 25 cargo trailers with the group and after unloading their cargo in Liberty, all 25 trailers return immediately to Ashraf on May 6 to transfer the rest of the belongings. On May 4, during the movement of this group, six utility vehicles (water, sewage and fuel tankers) that the Iraqis had accepted their transfer, were returned to Ashraf from the middle of their route.

But Sunday night, May 13, i.e. 10 days after the transfer of the fifth group, the Iraqi commander who is responsible for the transfer said he could not move the tankers to Liberty and Baghdad must allow their transfer. Meanwhile residents of Liberty greatly need these tankers, and especially suffer from serious water shortage.
As for the transfer of the remaining property of the fifth group, on May 12, after 6 days of delay, only 15 of the trailers went back to camp. But despite the emphasis of the residents, these trailers refused to load necessary equipment of the fifth group that has been in loading area since three weeks ago. The Iraqi commander said he was only allowed to carry food. Food that was loaded in cargo trailers, like previous loads, by the residents must also be loaded without containers.  This is in violation of the initial agreement of the residents and Iraqi forces and the United Nations, and will also make it very hard and causes quick food decay.

Now, too much food are rotten due to their exposure to sun.

Residents and Iraqi commander agreed that until he is able to transfer the equipment to Liberty as agreed upon, residents can take them back from the loading area to Ashraf in order to prevent their decay and protect against stealing.
But even after this agreement, on Monday May 14, the Iraqi forces refused the return of two containers of valuable equipment including electrical and electronic equipment, computer and computer accessories, printers, copying machines, training courses material, amplifiers, microphones, loudspeakers, satellite dishes, receivers and drills without any excuses.
During past ten days and after the transfer of the fifth group, every night a portion of remaining belongings in the loading area, were being stolen. Electrical appliances, home appliances, food and hygienic items, are among the items that have been stolen during this period.

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran
May 14, 2012

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