Afghan protestors condemn Iranian regime chanting “death to Ahmadinejad”

A large number of Afghans took to the streets of Herat on Saturday to protest against the Iranian regime.

The protest happened across from the regime’s consulate in Herat, with the protestors chanting, “death to Ahmadinejad” and “death to Khamenei,” referring to the mullahs’ President and Supreme Leader, respectively.

Women were seen to play a prominent role in the protest, using loudspeakers to chant against the regime.

The regime’s consulate was heavily guarded by armed forces.

Protestors also burned an effigy of Ali Khamenei, the regime’s Supreme Leader.

They carried placards, on of which read, “We condemn political executions by the callous Khamenei.”

Some other chants included, “Khamenei is a murderer,” “down with the murderous regime in Iran,” and “Long live solidarity between the peoples of Afghanistan and Iran.”


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