Adil Barvari, Iraqi Prime Minister’s Advisor: The European Union’s solution is the best solution for Camp Ashraf

Stating his position, Adil Barvari, the Advisor to the Iraqi Prime Minister said: Ashraf residents’ rights as political refugees must be respected from a humanitarian perspective.

He affirmed the solution proposed by the European Union and said: “This solution is the best solution as it brings an end to their suffering.”

Adil Barvari also said: Considering that Ashraf residents are suffering from many difficulties, I believe it is important to understand their conditions especially from a humanitarian perspective, and as guests of Iraq, and considering that Iraq is a democratic country, the Iraqi government must protect their lives and properties.

On another issue, Barvari said: “Iranian regime’s aggressions have become a daily routine in Kurdistan region in a way that these regions are being shelled by the Iranian regime and the victims are innocent villagers.”

He added: “Iraq’s Foreign and Defense Ministries, and especially the Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces that can make decisions in the country, should have intervened in this problem.” He continued: “We are waiting for formation of a committee to investigate these aggressions and to end them.”

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