According to reports of U.S. military officers Camp Liberty has been built to house young soldiers for few months and staying in it for a longer period would cause physical and mental damages

Camp Ashraf- breach of commitments, No. 8

According to the reports of the U.S. military officers who have previously served in Camp Liberty and are closely familiar with the venue, this camp has been built to house young US soldiers only for a very short stay.

According to these officers, the soldiers could suffer from psychological and mental damages if they stayed in this camp for a longer period despite the fact that they could freely move outside the camp and had free access to all living essentials and adequate medical, sports, and leisure facilities.

In these circumstances, Iraqi government intends to allocate to Ashraf residents only 1.5% of this camp that is being isolated from other parts with concrete walls. This is while 1000 of the residents are former political prisoners who have in some cases spent up to 17 years of their lives in torture centers and prisons of the religious fascism ruling Iran and are still suffering from the consequences of intolerable tortures. Amongst the residents, in addition to 1000 women, there are people of different ages whose transfer to Camp Liberty would have detrimental consequences on their health.

General David Phillips who was the commander of protection of Ashraf for more than a year and has spent several years in Iraq said in a conference in Paris on January 6: “My sources are also from inside the Iraqi government.  And they have told me Camp Liberty was in fact looted, vandalized, pilfered and destroyed”.
According to reports, sent to the Qods Force, the only thing that is constantly being continued in camp Liberty is completing the concrete walls and the basic infrastructures as sanitary services and water and electricity are non-existent.
International Committee of Jurists in Defence of Ashraf (ICJDA) in its statement on January 4 pointed out that once “again impresses upon its clients at Ashraf not go to the new location before prior inspection of Liberty by the lawyers and the issuance of a certificate of compatibility by the United Nations”.

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran
January 10, 2012

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