A large number of Quds Force and MOIS are being dispatched to Ashraf

Camp Ashraf military occupation- No. 177

Accent in psychological torture and groundwork for Ashraf massacre simultaneously with Maliki’s suppressive deadline

NCRI – According to reports from inside Iran, Simultaneously with the coming Dec 31 deadline for the closure of Ashraf, the Mullah’s Regime seeks sending large numbers of MOIS and Quds terrorist forces around Ashraf in order to intensify the psychological torture and groundwork and participation in the attacking and killing which forces under the command of Maliki have been preparing for the end of the year.

In contingence, numerous Iraqi forces working on behalf of the Iraqi committee have been preparing the “Moien buildings and installations” which were occupied in the April 8 2011 massacre, for the establishment of the new mercenaries. The Moien complex was home to more than 400 Ashraf residents which were forced to leave it on April 8 when attacking forces opened fire, killing and wounding several residents. They were forced to leave their homes and did not have the opportunity to take their personal belongings and documents. The Iraqi forces looted all the personal belongings, vehicles and… which was worth several hundred thousand dollars.

In another occurrence, the MOIS put some political prisoners under pressure to take part in the psychological torture and go to Ashraf as a pretext of their freedom, while even with the Regime’s inhumane laws there is no accusation against these prisoners. Yet the prisoners have refused to take part and cooperate with the Mullah’s Gestapo.

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran
December 15, 2011

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