7 serious Ashraf patients prevented from going to Baghdad and Baquba hospitals Mullahs’ regime and its puppet government seek to force agonizing death on the patients

The Committee to Suppress Ashraf in the Iraqi Prime Minister’s Office is continuing the medical siege to force an agonizing death upon patients. In the latest example, on Monday, June 25 Iraqi security forces under the control of the Prime Minister’s Office prevented the transfer of seven serious sufferers from Ashraf to hospitals in Baghdad and Baquba. Five of the victims are suffering from serious heart conditions and for the past two months had been awaiting transfer to hospital for operation, necessary tests, and the healing process.

Another patient was scheduled to be transferred to hospital on Tuesday, June 26. The necessary coordination for the transfer to hospital had been done a week earlier with Iraq forces and doctors at Ashraf’s hospital which is currently under occupation by Iraqi forces, and there were no difficulties. However as soon as the patient was leaving, it was said that Iraqi forces had been ordered that no transport should take place for medical appointments. Therefore these patients are forced to wait for several more months to obtain medical appointments.

Denying Ashraf residents access to medical services is a systematic policy meant to force an agonizing death on the patients. The mullahs’ regime and its puppets in Iraq are thereby trying in vain to force the residents of Ashraf and Liberty to submit.

On Tuesday, Mohammad-Ali Tataie, one of those injured and taken hostage in the massacre at Ashraf in July 2009, after three years of pain and agony, died following a brain operation in Baquba hospital. He is the third resident of Liberty and Ashraf to lose his life in the past two weeks, and his death is in direct relation with the inhumane medical siege.

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran
June 27, 2012

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