7 prisoners in critical condition at Gohardasht prison

NCRI – Seven political prisoners exiled to the Gohardasht prison are in critical condition, according to a student group.

They were transferred two days ago from Ward 4 to Ward 2 of the prison, which is located in the city of Karaj near Tehran. The transfer has led to a growing number of health problems for the prisoners.

According to the Students Committee Defending Political Prisoners, two of the prisoners, Khaled Hardani and Reza Boukani, are experiencing acute breathing and lung problems.

The two have had a history of lung problems, but their condition deteriorated after the transfer, according to the report. The transfer was meant to exert more pressures by the regime on the political prisoners.

The ward that they have been transferred to holds over 640 prisoners, half of whom are suffering from influenza. The remaining prisoners are also suffering from other illnesses, the report said.

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