64 Iraqi MPs: A thorough and independent investigation of the massacre at Ashraf will shed light on the truth about Iraq’s state security issue and foreign interventions

Mr. Claude Heller, President of the UN Security Council:

On April 8, 2011, Iraq witnessed a human tragedy and a planned massacre of the defenseless residents of Camp Ashraf during which 34 people including 8 women were killed and 346 people were wounded as a result of the attack by Iraqi army’s armored units under the direct orders of Iraq’s Prime Minister.

As the highest UN human rights official and many countries’ foreign ministers, as well as European countries’ parliaments and the U.S. Congress have called for an independent international investigation, we also believe that a thorough, transparent, and independent investigation under the supervision of the United Nations is of extraordinary importance and will reveal the full truth about our country’s security issue and foreign interventions.

Our request is for the UN Security Council to designate a representative for examining this tragedy and carrying out the investigations so that the world’s conscience can observe this massacre which had been warned about for 2 years by the majority of the members of 27 parliaments worldwide.

During the past few days, the Iraqi government officials have made irresponsible statements such as: “Those in charge of the camp have killed the camp residents themselves”; this demonstrates the officials’ intent for covering up the perpetrated crime and makes it clear that they intend to even use these investigations for more killing of Ashraf residents. Ignoring such a flagrant crime by the international community will be the basis for greater and more frequent disasters on the Iraqi soil that we should responsively prevent.

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