1,500 detainees transferred to Evin prison

Following the large uprising against the regime in various cities in Iran on Monday, the regime’s officials at the notorious Evin prison released the names of 1,500 people arrested and transferred to the prison on Monday night.

According to Harana news agency on Tuesday, students and protestors have also been arrested by the regime’s suppressive forces in the northeastern city of Mashhad.

 The latest reports indicate that four Mashhad Azad University students have also been arrested. Ali Razaqi and Amir Sheybani were detained during the rallies, while Hossein Ahmadnezhad and Farzaneh Najjarnezhad were arrested during raids against their residences.

Another student arrested in Mashhad was identified as Morteza Baqerzadeh, who attended the Payam-e Nour University.

The fate of other detainees and their exact location remain unknown.

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