150 Arab judges demand release of seven Camp Ashraf hostages in Iraq

NCRI – Judges from across the Arab world have called for the US and United Nations to act urgently to ensure the release of the seven Iranian dissidents taken hostage during the Camp Ashraf massacre on September 1.

The Committee of Iraqi Judges in Defense of Human Rights, composed of around 150 judges from Arab countries, stressed that the hostages had a right to protection as asylum seekers and Protected Persons under the Fourth Geneva Convention.

They said in a statement: “As the US government has signed an individual agreement with every resident of Camp Ashraf, The US President and Secretary of State and the US Embassy in Baghdad have direct responsibility towards their safety and security until the final resolution of their status.

“Therefore they must use their full political and diplomatic capacity to force Nouri al-Maliki to free the hostages.

“The Camp Ashraf hostages all are protected persons under the Fourth Geneva Convention and the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees has declared them as asylum seekers and People of Concern, therefore the relevant international organizations including the UNHCR must take immediate action and to pressure Nouri al-Maliki government so that the seven hostages can be saved.”

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