13,000 deaths in Tehran due to pollution

A staggering number of 13,000 people die annually in Tehran as a result of air pollution, an official of the Iranian regime’s Health Ministry said.

According to state-run media, Mohammad-Kazem Nadafi, said, “According to statistics, there a minimum of 10,000 and a maximum of 18,000 deaths as a result of pollution, which means that the average is roughly 13,000.”

Another regime official at a research center for lung ailments also confirmed that, “At least 13,000 lose their lives as a result of pollution.”

Masjedi added, “The direct cost of pollution reaches about 2 billion dollars a year. There is not a single place in Tehran that is safe from pollution.”

Some of the symptoms shown by people exposed to widespread pollution include chronic fatigue, weakness, lack of concentration, coughing, and chronic lung problems.

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