U.S. lawmakers passed bills on Tuesday renewing sanctions on Iran's regime for 10 years and imposing new sanctions on Syria, underscoring their determination to play a strong role in Middle East policy no matter who occupies the White House.

The House of Representatives voted 419 to one for a 10-year reauthorization of the Iran Sanctions Act, or ISA, a law first adopted in 1996 to punish investments in Iran's energy industry and deter the Iranian regime's pursuit of nuclear weapons, Reuters reported.


NCRI - The Iranian regime’s security and plainclothes agents raided on Sunday November 13 the home belonging to the political prisoner Zartosht Ahmadi Ragheb, arresting him and seizing his computer and belongings.

In response to Ahmadi Ragheb who asked about the reason for his arrest, the security forces said that “you’ll find out more in the court before the judge.”

The United Nations General Assembly will debate a report on human rights in Iran later this month, writes former European lawmaker Struan Stevenson. The UN specialrapporteur on the human rights situation in Iran, the author of the report, has been denied access to the country but, based on hundreds of interviews and careful analysis, he has described the situation in Iran as dire, Mr. Stevenson wrote on Tuesday in The Herald. Under the so-called “moderate” leadership of the regime's President Hassan Rouhani, some 3,000 executions have taken place, Mr. Stevenson pointed out.


NCRI - In an interview with the terrorist Quds Force’s Tasnim news agency, the former Iranian regime’s Chief of Staff of the Armed Forces said that “no missile is launched in the country unless approved by the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces.”

NCRI - At the prospect of a re-writing of US foreign policy towards Iran following Donald Trump's presidential election victory, the Iran lobby in Washington has got to work, reports Michael Tomlinson.

NCRI - In a clash of regime’s rival factions, Tasnim state news agency has written on Monday 7 November that “Despite all the false propaganda, the financial resources available to Hassan Rouhani’s government have been more than its predecessors’, despite which the economic situation of the people has continued to decline.”

The state media adds: “Rouhani began his term in office in 2013 with 148,000 billion tomans in financial resources. In 2014, however, the amount was increased to178,000 billion and all of a sudden to 203,000 billion in 2015.


NCRI - There is a strategic coordination between the Iranian regime and terrorist groups with any religion. This coordination is no secret to anyone. Comments of two analysts in an interview with Al-Arabiya TV on October 31, 2016:

NCRI - Acknowledging that, the clerical regime is in one of its most sensitive situations in terms of profound political changes in the world and the region, the Iranian regime’s Deputy Commander of Revolutionary Guards (IRGC), stated: “We are in one of the most sensitive periods, facing profound changes in the world and this is a very critical era for us.”

NCRI - The Arabic countries condemned the rocket attacks of Mecca by Houthi Militants affiliated with the Iranian Regime.

The board of Muslim scholars stated that the Houthi militias and the ousted president of Yemen, Ali Abdullah Saleh ended the black history unfavorably.

The Persian Gulf Cooperation Council, Bahrain, UAE and Qatar condemned the Houthi militias for firing a ballistic missile from Yemen to Mecca.

Fears that Iran might start taking more hostages following the large cash payment made by Obama’s administration earlier this year have been confirmed. The chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee said that Iran is demanding at least $4 million in exchange for the safe return of a U.S. resident.

Earlier this week, Rep. Ed Royce, R-Calif., told the Washington Examiner: “Just as I feared, the Iranian regime now has more American hostages and wants more money. The Obama administration's $1.7 billion cash payment to Iran wasn’t just bad policy — it put additional lives at risk. ... Iran should release all American hostages immediately and unconditionally.”