NCRI - As Anatolia news agency reported, the Iranian Revolutionary Guards and the militias of the Iranian regime took 800 hostages on 16th December 2016. These people were the citizens of Aleppo who were leaving the city by bus.

The 16 buses and other cars held hostage while leaving Aleppo. The militia supporters of the Syrian dictator killed 14 hostages by firing into their cars and blocking the passage of vehicles carrying civilians.

NCRI - Shaam News Network on Friday 16th December 2016 reported that the Iranian regime websites cover terrorism in Syria. They release the photos of General Qasem Soleimani as he is walking in one of the neighborhoods of Aleppo in which was occupied by the militants of the Iranian regime.

December 15, 2016, following the adoption of the sanctions on Iran regime. House Foreign Affairs Committee Chairman Ed Royce (R-CA) released the following statement on enactment of his bill, H.R. 6297, to extend the Iran Sanctions Act for a decade:

NCRI - On Sunday December 11th, 2016, the state-run newspaper, Shargh admitted to the disaster of child marriage in the country. The text was entitled "Children do not get married; they are traded instead." The issue was discussed in a formal seminar on the topic of child marriage.

The Iranian regime is a threat to the security and stability in the Middle East and Gulf countries. The following is Al Arabiya’s interview with Dr. Abdul Aziz bin Saqr, head of the Gulf Research Center, December 9, 2016:

NCRI - The head of Basij Student Organization of Iran admitted that 50 Basiji students have been killed in Syria so far. As Basij Press reported, Davoud Goudarzi on Tuesday 6th September 2016 had a speech on the occasion of Student Day. He did not mention anything regarding the background of those who were killed and he just pointed out that these Basiji students were voluntarily deployed to Syria. He also claimed that a large number of Basiji students serve as volunteers in the Syrian civil war.


NCRI - Using its commercial aircrafts, Iran has accelerated sending Iraqi and Afghan Shiite militias as well as weapons to Syria, to help Assad regime and its allies intensify their attacks on eastern Aleppo.

Controlled by the rebels, the besieged areas in Eastern Aleppo are under fierce attacks by Syrian government forces, Iran’s Revolutionary Guards and Shiite militias linked to Tehran.

NCRI - Minoo Aslani in charge of women’s branch of ‘Basij’ paramilitary force, stated: Iran regime’s commitment to the United Nations for the realization of "gender equality" is "unconstitutional"! and has asked the judiciary to deal with these efforts.

NCRI - Saudi Arabia’s foreign ministry condemned the smuggling of weapons by the regime in Iran for the Houthi and Ali Abdollah Saleh militants and announced that Tehran regime prolongs the war (in Yemen) by smuggling weapons.

Saudi’s Okaz newspaper published the news on Saturday December 3 and added: “The foreign ministry of Saudi Arabia in a statement published by Yemen’s ‘Sabae’ news agency said the report by Weapons Research Institute confirms and strengthen the statements by Yemen’s legal government and Arab Coalition member states that the regime in Iran has violated international resolutions and continues to arm Houthi militants.

NCRI - The representative of Yemen in the Arab League, Riyadh al-Akbari, warned about the dangers of the Iranian regime’s meddling in the region and continuation of unrest and coup and the Houthi militants’ domination on government agencies in his country, particularly the risks related to international shipping lines and international peace and security in the region.