the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC)

BY: Reza Shafa

They say old habits die hard. In the case of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) is certainly true. There are two seemingly unrelated events in the past few days; one renewing Khomeini’s fatwa (religious decree) for the head of Salman Rushdie dated back to February 1989 which forced the writer in to hiding fearing his life.


NCRI - A Senior Official of the IRGC announced that the Intelligence forces compelled the US government to pay 1 billion and 400 million dollars for the release of Jason Rezaian. Earlier than that, Donald Trump also said during the campaign that the US has paid ransom to Iran for the release of its citizens.


NCRI - The Public Security Chief of Bahrain, Major-General Tariq Al-Hassan stated that the interference and threats posed by the Iranian regime will not only destabilize Bahrain but they also endanger the security of the region, since Iran constantly supports terrorism.


NCRI - A state-run media affiliated with Rouhani wrote about the changes in the US policy at the end of Obama's presidency as well as the dimensions of isolation and the global exclusion burdened on the Iranian regime as the sponsor of terrorism. The news reads:"Undoubtedly, the Iranian regime has to accept the fact that the order of the world and the region has changed and a new form of alliance has been formed among the enemies of our country. We have solely encountered with a global alliance."

 Anas al-Abdah

NCRI - The president of the National Coalition for Syrian Opposition Forces, Anas al-Abdah at the Munich Security Conference stated that the catastrophic situation in Syria will not change as long as Assad holds the power. In fact, Assad is the main part of the problem and not of the solution."

Bahrain arrests 20 terror suspects, including four women

Bahrain arrests 20 terror suspects, including four women

Bahrain has arrested 20 terror suspects accused of plotting attacks in the small island Gulf kingdom Al-Arabiya reported on February21, 2017.