NCRI - In an interview with Aljazeera television, Gen. Ahmad Rahal, a Syrian military analyst, said the mullahs’ regime in Iran and the Bashar Assad regime are the main losers of the cease-fire in Syria.

Aljazeera TV: Following the cease-fire agreement signed between Russia and the Free Syrian Army that was mediated by Turkey, observers announced the failure of the Iranian regime and Assad in achieving their goals in these negotiations because they were not represented and had no contributions and the agreement was imposed on them.

NCRI - The Iranian regime’s affiliated militias in Iraq known as Hashed al-Shaebi are a serious threat to the existence of Iraq and the security of the Middle East. These sectarian militants are committing all sorts of crimes to advance the policy of Iran’s regime.

A recent report by Aljazeera TV:

Why Is the EU Defending Iran?

Al Arabiya, today published an article in which Dr. Majid Rafizadeh explores the EU policy towards Iran in light of latest political developments, the following is the full text:

This week, some of Iran’s Persian-language newspapers carried headlines boasting about European countries defending Iran and robustly aligning with Tehran.

NCRI - The former Secretary General of Hezbollah, Sheikh Subhi al-Tufayli in an interview with Anatolia News said:"the Iranian regime uses Hezbollah as its police in the region. Hezbollah is not only an organization but also a group that lacks will and power and it is controlled by the Iranian regime. Most of Hezbollah members are aware that the Syrian conflict is based on the wicked objectives and unfounded allegations. Nevertheless, they are not able to disobey the orders of the Iranian regime."

Crimes in Aleppo: Iran must be ousted from Syria

The unspeakable scenes we witnessed in Aleppo -- the massacre of women, children, doctors and other innocents -- broadcast to us almost live by the civilians trapped in the siege will go down in history along with Darfur,

NCRI - Radio France, December 27, Iranian Revolutionary Guards forces are active in the ranks of the Taliban, stated Jamileh Amini head of the Farah’s provincial council in West Afghanistan, on Tuesday December 27.

He further added that 25 militias from Taliban who were killed recently in this province, were members of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards.

NCRI - Hassan Zibaee Nejad known as Hossein Nejat is one of the commanders who repressed the protesters in recent years. He has been recently appointed to the deputy of the Intelligence Corps of the Revolutionary Guards.

NCRI - In an exclusive interview with on December 19, Struan Stevenson, president of the European Iraqi Freedom Organization, answered questions on Iran’s nuclear deal, the future of Iraq and its policies which is currently being controlled by the Iranian regime, and the European Parliament’s views on these issues. The following is the full text of this interview.

NCRI - A year after signing the nuclear deal, while significant problems such as export restrictions and the prohibition of the international bank transfer (swift) have been resolved a transparent atmosphere is created to identify the radical economic problems of Iran.

NCRI - On Saturday December 17th 2016, state run Tasnim News Agency, reported that the head of Atomic Energy Organization of Iran, Ali Akbar Salehi in a television program threatened that the nuclear activities will be resumed. Regarding the required amount of time to resume nuclear activities, Salehi stated, he could not say this clearly and openly but the bridges to success have not yet been burned.Salehi