us capita

NCRI - The new US sanctions have sparked a wave of fear and concerns within the regime.

The agents and media of both factions of the Iranian regime say and write about the terrible consequences of adopting these sanctions.

us senate

The bill also sanctions anyone associated with Iran regime’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC)

To impose additional sanctions on Iran’s defense sector, The House voted 419-3 today moving the bill forward to be approved by President Trump.

The U.S. Department of Justice

The U.S. Department of Justice has announced that two Iranian men who worked with someone pardoned by President Barack Obama have been charged with hacking a Vermont software company and stealing software that does aerodynamic analysis and design for bullets and GPS-guided artillery shells, the Associated Press reported.

iran regim terrorism

NCRI - The Kuwaiti daily newspaper, Al-Seyassah quoted one of the top Kuwaiti officials on Monday, reporting that 14 Kuwaiti citizens who had been convicted of forming a group linked to the Iran regime, succeeded to flee into Iran with high-speed boats.

 General Mohammad Bagher

NCRI - The Iranian regime’s Chief of the General command of the Armed Forces expressed his fear of the sanctions and blacklisting the Islamic Revolutionary Guards (IRGC) as a terrorist entity and resorted to empty threats against the U.S. forces in the region.

Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC)

NCRI - While ISIS’s gruesome activities have engrossed the Western news media, with horrific beheadings, stabbings, vehicular homicides, shootings, and bombings, perpetrated in both Europe and the United States, a more dangerous terror threat, Iran’s IRGC, the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, is being overlooked.

Saad Hariri, prime minister of Lebanon,

NCRI - Lebanese “al-Mostaghbal” party chaired by Saad Hariri, prime minister of Lebanon, issued a statement condemning terrorist attack in Mecca and strongly condemned the interventionist and destructive policies of the Iranian regime in the region and the Arab countries.

Hashed Al-Sha'bi Militias in Iraq

NCRI - Khamenei fears that with the removal of Daesh in Iraq the next one would be Hashed al-Sha’bi militias.

Najeh al-Mizan, an independent Iraqi political figure, told sky news on June 25, 2017: “The Iranian regime and at least Khamenei and his system know well that Ebadi has not come to power with the will of Iranian regime. The Iranian regime’s will and desire was Maliki who was closer to the Velayat-e faqih. But the winds blow in a different direction which was not pleasant to or in favor of the Iranian regime. The regime is now looking after Hashed al-Sha’bi militias.”