Attack on the Saudi Embassy

NCRI - On May 4 2017, Foreign Minister Zarif in his speech on the occasion of Teacher's Day at the Faculty of International Relations, in explaining the foreign policy of the regime and the current coordinates of the regime in international relations, referred to what he called "badly managed" events such as attacking the regime mobs on the Saudi Embassy in Tehran and Saudi Consulate in Mashhad and inadvertently admitted that all the leaders of the regime knew about the attack but tried to say that all were opposed to.

صواريخ ايرانيه

NCRI - Dehghan, Hassan Rouhani's defense minister, acknowledged that Rouhani's presidency era "has quantitatively and qualitatively been the most glorious period in the development of missile and defense programs." He added that since the time Rouhani came to the office till the end of March 2017, "there has been a 2.5 times more in the section of providing defense credits than the previous government," and "it will get as high as four times more than the previous government in the new Iranian year of 1396." (state run news agency IRNA- 5 May 2017).

irg comandors

NCRI - The Arizona House of Representatives passed a resolution calling on the U.S. government to list the Iran regimes Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) as a terrorist group.

U.S. Experts Warn About Aircraft Sales to Iran

NCRI - Calling the deal with Iranian airlines very dangerous, sanctions experts warned about the sale of U.S. manufactured aircrafts to Iran, in a gathering at Heritage Foundation in Washington DC on April 21, 2017.