Bahrain arrests 20 terror suspects, including four women

Bahrain arrests 20 terror suspects, including four women

Bahrain has arrested 20 terror suspects accused of plotting attacks in the small island Gulf kingdom Al-Arabiya reported on February21, 2017.

Iran's Revolutionary Guards (IRGC)

Real Clear World February 10,2017: The Trump administration is said to be considering listing a powerful state actor in Iran as a terrorist organization. Indeed, listing the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps, or IRGC, would be unprecedented and would constitute the biggest escalatory step by Washington against Tehran in years.

 Revolutionary Guards (IRGC)

By Farzin Hashemi

The White House announcement that it has asked several US agencies to consider designation of the Islamic Revolutionary Guards (IRGC) as a terrorist organization has sent a shock wave through the well-established appeasers in Washington.

iran regime,s lobby in us

Iran’s lobbyists and spies in our midst?

The recent Executive Order affecting immigration by citizens of seven Muslim-majority countries has prompted fierce discussion from all quarters, including arguments on who does or does not actually endanger the national security of the United States.

 Hassan Rouhani

NCRI - Two days after a member of the Iranian regime’s Parliament announced that: “the issue of disqualification of Hassan Rouhani in presidential election of 2017 is resolved.” A spokesman for the Guardian Council (which approves the candidates) said such news is not true.