Nuke BusherSubsequent to the launch of the Bushehr nuclear reactor, governments in the US, Britain and France emphasized growing international worries concerning the Iranian regime’s nuclear activities and called on Tehran to comply with its international obligations.

The US State Department’s spokesman, Darby Holladay told AFP on Saturday that the reactor "underscores that Iran does not need an indigenous enrichment capability if its intentions are purely peaceful."

hasanpourA human rights activist was summoned last Wednesday to the third interrogation branch of the so-called Revolutionary Court of Tehran based in the notorious Evin prison to hear fresh charges against her.

According to Herana new agency, Ms. Laleh Hassanpour’s lawyer was not present during the proceeding, where three new charges were levied against the defendant, including “insulting the Supreme Leader,” “insulting sanctities,” and “insulting the president.”

ValadimirA senior fellow at Russia’s Middle East Institute challenged the Iranian regime’s claims on Wednesday that it will be able to build several new nuclear reactors in the next year, citing technical challenges. He also said that the Iranian regime does not need to enrich uranium for peaceful nuclear energy, according to Ria Novosti.

BenzenOman has become the latest country cutting off gasoline exports to Iran in compliance with international sanctions, according to the state-run Iranian Mehr news agency on Tuesday.

Last year, a number of companies from the United Arab Emirates, India, Turkmenistan, the Netherlands and Oman collectively sold the largest amount of gasoline to the clerical regime. More than $4.25 billion worth of gasoline were sold to the regime by these five countries alone, according to Mehr.

UnemploymentUnemployment in the past several years has skyrocketed in Iran, according to state-run media reports. Since the mullahs’ firebrand president, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, came to power in 2005, unemployment has more than doubled in the country.

explosionAn al-Iraqiya spokesman has once again condemned the Iranian regime’s attempts to obstruct the creation of a new government in Iraq and a member of Parliament revealed that more explosives from Iran have been discovered in Basra.

Saleh MatlekA prominent Iraqi leader says the Iranian regime has “infiltrated Iraq’s judiciary,” with some judges making rulings dictated by the Iranian regime, including those against the Iranian opposition.

The Secretary General of the Iraqi National Movement and leader of the National Dialogue Front, Dr. Saleh Mutlak, added that rulings like the preposterous arrest warrants issued for members of the main Iranian opposition originate from the Iranian regime’s intelligence services.

KurdishAn Iraqi Kurdish official has warned that if the Iranian regime refuses to stop shelling Kurdish areas in Iraq, the case will be referred to the UN Security Council and there will be a boycott against Iranian imports.

Al hashmeiInterferences by the Iranian regime in Iraq’s internal affairs have triggered growing anger and opposition in Iraq.

On Saturday, al-Sharqiya TV cited a Newsweek report that the Iranian regime has enough influence in Iraq to meddle in the country’s affairs long after a US withdrawal.

3 IraqiDemocratic forces in Iraq have continued protesting the Iranian regime’s meddling vis-à-vis the formation of a new government. At the same time, more personalities and forces have united in calls to force incumbent prime minister Nouri al-Maliki to give up power.

In an interview with al-Hurra on Friday, Dr. Saleh Mutlak, Chairman of the National Dialogue Front, said the current political crisis in Iraq may lead to a popular uprising against the entire political system because the al-Iraqiya list, which won the March elections, has been deprived of its right to form a government.