Environment Turned Into a Social Crisis

NCRI - Pointing to the effect of environmental problems on increased marginalization and immigration, head of Cultural Committee of Iranian regime’s parliament has stated that “the issue of environment has now turned into a social crisis.”

A Round up of February 2017 Protests

NCRI - According to publicly recorded news and statistics, in the month of February 2017, at least 402 protest took place in Iran.

The figures of protests in February are as follows:

Guards Corps (IRGC)

Iran, terrorism and the rise of the revolutionary guards' financial empire

Over the past decade, a significant portion of Iran’s economic institutions have been handed off to the office of the Supreme Leader under the guise of “privatization.”

Another Environmental Disaster After Khuzestan's
NCRI - Mazandaran’s Department of Environment has complained against the mayors in the province for accumulating nearly 200 tons of waste in northern forests each day. With the waste leachate penetrating the groundwater resources, Mazandaran province has now the highest rate of gastrointestinal cancer in the country.

 the Lake Urmia

NCRI - Director of planning and integration of the revival of the Lake Urmia, criticized the Hassan Rouhani’s government for failing to meet its obligations and said: "Our contractors have abandoned the project since last September and October and in case of lack of finance, we will lose the chance of revival."

According to the state-run news agency Mehr, Masoud Tajrishi,

ruohani and balestik missels

NCRI - Brigadier General Ramezan Sharif, head of the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) Public Relations Department, said all missile launches are carried out with the authorization of Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei and President Hassan Rouhani.

 Mohsen Rezaee,

NCRI - Mohsen Rezaee, Former Revolutionary Guards Commander and the secretary of the Expediency Council and again the present incumbent Secretary of the Expediency Council warned that corruption and inefficiency of the clerical regime are acting like a bomb which could cause the collapse of the Iranian regime. According to a news report by terrorist Quds force affiliate ‘Tasnim News Agency,” on February 27, in the city of Lanjan in central province of Isfahan.

 Medical centers across Iran

NCRI - Medical centers across Iran are refusing to accept patients due to the enormous debt owed by insurance companies to the Social Security Organization, according to the Chair of Iran’s parliament Social Commission.