NCRI - According to Shargh newspaper on November 17, the age of prostitute girls has been decreased to 16 while the age of girls running away from home has been reduced to nine.

Speaking at Tehran University of Social Sciences, the Director of Iranian Psychiatric Association’s Department of Social Issues and Harms, Dr. Bokharaee has stated that ”factors such as poverty, addiction of wife or husband, forced marriage and men’s diversity-seeking attitude and in some cases the oversupply of prostitution along with little marriage opportunities may be regarded as the causes of prostitution”, according to Shargh newspaper.

NCRI - The Iranian regime’s heavy unemployment crisis has been acknowledged by Vatan-e-Emrouz, a newspaper close to Khamenei’s band.

Pointing to a double-digit unemployment rate in 24 provinces across Iran, the newspaper writes: “according to the Central Bank’s figures published by the Parliament’s Research Center, for every 2,395,000 jobs created over the past ten years, 1,124,000 jobs have been lost. This means that one out of two or half of the jobs created are lost.”

NCRI - The Iranian regime’s Justice Minister admits to financial and administrative corruption calling it the biggest disaster in the country. According to state-run Javan news agency on November 8, Justice Minister, Pour-Mohammadi in a press conference, held at the 22nd media exhibition, admitted: “The big problem that has plagued our country on domestic and foreign issues is financial and administrative corruption. This disaster is more dangerous than the external enemy for us.”

NCRI - Deputy of secondary education in Iranian regime’s Education Department in Golestan province admitted to the spread of addiction among students and said: “The trend of drug abuse among students should be taken seriously.”

NCRI - Half of Iran has turned into desert, the Iranian regime’s official in charge of Tthe 20-year Plan for Management of Deserts has declared.

Mohammad Darvish told state-run ILNA News Agency on Saturday:"the process of making deserts is going very fast in the country and it is worrying.

NCRI - Following an increased number of deaths among the Revolutionary Guard’s commanders and forces deployed to Syria, the Iranian regime’s supreme leader said in a meeting with the families of the victims on Tuesday 1 November that “we are particularly proud of those killed defending the holy places in Syria.”

NCRI - The Iranian regime’s former prosecutor and managing director of social security in Tehran has been sentenced to 135 lashes on charges of “illegal seizing and neglect of duty”.

NCRI - Yahya Ale Eshaq, an Iranian regime’s economic expert, has stated that having 7-8 million unemployed is a major challenge for the regime.

In an interview with the terrorist Quds Force’s ‘Tasnim’ news agency on Sunday October 30, Ale Eshaq said that “ when the bureau of statistics announces the unemployment rate, it should make it clear according to which criteria the rate has been calculated? Should someone who works for only an hour a week be regarded as a working person? A two-million youth unemployment figure does not reflect the reality. The fact is, that there are currently around seven to eight million jobless in the country.”

Concernant le tourisme en Iran on assiste depuis quelques temps à une sorte d’euphorie : les reportages télévisés, les publicités, les voyages organisés, les clips, les témoignages se multiplient pour ventre les beautés magnifiques de ce pays millénaire. Jusque-là rien de mal.

NCRI - According to report from Yazd (central Iran), on Tuesday October 25, a group of people in Bafgh staged a gathering and blocked the Bafgh-Yazd main road for a few hours by burning tires in order to protest the inaction of the Iranian regime’s agents in the project of reconstruction and widening this road.