Following the death of dozens of miners in the Azadshahr

NCRI - Following the death of dozens of miners in the Azadshahr Yurt mine of Golestan Province (northern Iran) Labor activist and political prisoner Behnam Ebrahimzadeh sent a message saying the Iranian regime is responsible for this tragedy.

Parts of this letter is as follows:

Iran: Economic Crisis

NCRI - Hassan Rouhani claims that one of his government's economic achievements and records during his presidency is that Iran's economy was collapsing and the JCPOA has saved it. However, when it comes to the evaluations and analyses of major industrial brands’ achievements during his presidency, one would clearly observe the fact that industry and industrial corporations are in crisis within Iran.


NCRI - The clerical regime’s rivaling bands have engaged in more intensified ranting and chastising each other in the wake of recent positions of US officials in favor of applying more pressures and sanctions on the Iranian regime for its interventionist policies. The infighting have intensified to the point that rivaling factions warn and threaten one another.

iran election

NCRI - The regime’s election campaign commission at the Interior Ministry made a decision during a meeting with representatives of the judiciary to ban live debates of the presidential candidates.