Ali Khamenei

NCRI - The Supreme Leader of Iran, Ali Khamenei on February 16th appeared in public to meet the people of East Azerbaijan. His speech was actually a sort of confession of the international pressures as well as the fear of social discontent. He tried to blame Hassan Rouhani for the current critical economic condition.

 Hessamedin Ashna

NCRI - By publishing several tweets Hessamedin Ashna the cultural advisor to the Iranian president, warned Khamenei’s faction that: “If Rouhani's Government Fall, Its Rivals Will Fall Too.

Referring to the recently collapsed high rise (Plasco building) from within, he added: not always the buildings and infostructures collapse vertically and straight down. Sometimes there are serious damages to the adjacent buildings and to owner-occupied buildings with glass facades (pointing to Khameneis faction) so it is recommended to refrain from throwing stones at others'.


NCRI - The excessive import of goods by the government institutions in Iran has destroyed domestic productions and many workers have lost their job in various sectors. According to economic experts in Iran, the imported goods to an amount of one billion dollar have destroyed more than 100 thousand jobs. The institutionalized smuggling of goods in Iran leads to the closure of factories as well as a rise in the unemployment rate among workers.


NCRI - State-run media and members of Iranian regime parliament in Fars province are frightened and confused of the escalating popular protest against jamming signals by the regime’s revolutionary guards (IRGC). A member of the regime’s parliament from Shiraz warned: “People of shiraz have staged several protest gathering for almost a month. The issue has endangered people’s life and they are facing problems and this is not rumor and an answer must be given to this problem.


NCRI - According to state-run ILNA news agency, Mohammad Ali Najafi, former member of Tehran city council in a speech considered the collapse of Plasco building “a warning for the authorities” and Iranian regime leaders and said: “authorities should know that Tehran is a defenseless city.”


NCRI - Expressing concern over the split and internal predicament at the top of regime, after the death of Rafsanjani and squibbing against him, Khamenei’s Friday prayer leader in Tehran, Mullah Seddiqui, attacked Rohani’s government for the failure of Nuclear Deal and stated: