Alalam TVThe American Congress is planning to list an Arab speaking TV station tied to the Iranian on the list of sponsors of terrorism, according to state-run Raja News on Wednesday.

State-run media say the network, al-Alam, will appear on the list of supporters of terrorism once the proposal has been accepted by Congress. The US Treasury Secretary has ordered the network’s assets held by American banks to be frozen.

LaqaeiA cleric recently expelled from Australia on security grounds has made an appearance at the “Conference for Iranians Abroad” which recently took place in Tehran.

Mansour Laqai, who was a regime agent to advance Tehran’s policies in Australia, was expelled from the country after Canberra flagged him as a security threat.

TafeqA member of the Iranian regime’s Majlis (Parliament) has warned that providing the regime’s “enemies” with information showing signs of the regime’s weakness would be considered treason.

According to the state-run Abrar daily on Sunday, Hamid-Reza Taraqi, one of the members of the Mo’atalefeh faction, told reporters in response to questions about imprisoned journalists, “It is unfortunate that reporters like you keep ignoring the misdeeds committed by the imprisoned journalists.”

KhozestanSeven protestors have been killed after suppressive forces attacked demonstrations in southwestern Iran.  According to obtained reports, protests were triggered on Saturday and continued for three days in the city of Dehdez situated an hour and a half from Ahvaz in Khuzestan province.

ZananA spontaneous protest in Tehran on Sunday successfully prevented the arrest of a woman by the Iranian regime’s suppressive forces.

According to obtained reports, during a city services exhibit in Tehran, agents of the State Security Forces (SSF) harassed a mother who was walking with her young daughter.

Meeting AbroadDisputes within the Iranian regime have been growing in recent days over a state-run “conference of Iranians from abroad” which has been organized in Tehran. One of the official goals of the August 2 conference was to “attract investments” from the Iranian diasporas. However, the event only brought to light further tensions and divisions within the regime and even the factions close to the government of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

OsanluThe Iranian regime has once against placed a union activist at Tehran’s Bus Company on trial. Mansour Osanlou, the Chairman of the Greater Tehran Bus Company Syndicate, was brought to court in the city of Karaj without his prior knowledge and his lawyers were not present during the trial as they were also unaware of any proceedings.

Khatami ahmadA senior ranking cleric of the Iranian regime has once again lambasted women in Iran for standing up to the clerical dictatorship despite severe repression, underscoring “for the fifth time” the imperative of compulsory veiling to intensify a crack down on the country’s female population.

BasejIn recent months, the government of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has focused heavily on funding the Iranian regime’s suppressive forces, boosting their budget up to 50 percent, according to the latest reports.

The commander of one of these forces, the paramilitary Bassij Force, recently boasted that the budget for various components under his command have jumped anywhere between 2 to 7 times.

Iran: Deteriorating state of political prisoners on hunger strikeMonday morning July 26, Reza Joshan, a political prisoner who is on hunger strike in protest against intolerable situation and pressure in prison, was transferred to Gohardasht Prison's clinic and then to another hospital outside prison because of his deteriorating health condition.