NCRI - In an article titled ‘the pathology of eliminating child labor from the streets’, the state run newspaper Jahan-e Sanat reports on Thursday December 15 on the issue of street children being abused by regime’s organizations, writing “after municipality’s attempts to simply ignore the causes giving rise to the presence of homeless, street peddlers, beggars, etc., it is now the working children’s turn.

NCRI - On 16th December 2016, the fans of Foolad Khuzestan B F.C chanted slogans against the dictator Assad in support of Syrians and the people of Aleppo during the football match.

To support the people of Aleppo, the audience held placards on which were written:"Aleppo is falling down." and "we are with Aleppo." The fans also chanted the slogan of "death to Assad" and” Assad must leave Syria."

NCRI - The Iranian regime president, Hassan Rouhani, in his speech on Thursday December 15 in the so-called Islamic Unity Conference, claimed violence from any religion or ethnicity is against Islam.

In this regard, Turkey’s Anatolia news agency in a report on December 15 questioned Rouhani’s statement regarding Islam’s opposition to violence and said while Rouhani today talked about Islam opposing violence, the (sectarian) militants backed by Iranian regime killed several civilians, who were evacuating East Aleppo during the ceasefire, by firing direct shots.

NCRI - The Council of Arab League in the final statement of its meeting in Cairo on Thursday December 15 strongly condemned the “brutal” military operation of Assad regime and its allies in Aleppo.

This emergency meeting was held at the level of permanent representatives in Cairo, the Egyptian capital, to review the situation in Syria, especially in Aleppo, during which military operations and killing of civilians in Aleppo by Assad regime and its supporters were condemned.

The Iranian regime’s authorities sent 11 inmates to the gallows in the span of three days (December 12 to 15) in the prisons of Maragheh, Karaj and Bandar Abbas, all across Iran. In the morning of December 15 at least five prisoners in Karaj Central Prison (west of Tehran) and one in Bandar Abbas Central Prison (southern Iran) were hanged.

NCRI - The families of executed prisoners staged a gathering on Thursday December 15 in front of central prison of Karaj in cold weather to protest execution of their loved ones and to demand return of their bodies to the families.

The Iranian regime agents first resisted the families demand to hand over the bodies of their loved ones and told the families that for security reasons and in order to prevent publication of the executed prisoners’ photos and video clips, they would wash (Ghusl) the bodies and bury them but the families stood against this crime and violation their basic rights and protested. Khamenei’s henchmen, fearing further escalation of the protest, backed off and handed over the bodies of executed prisoners to their families.

NCRI - Spending his 10th day of hunger strike, the severely weakened political prisoner Behnam Mousivand was taken to Gohardasht prison’s medical unit, and from there to a hospital outside the prison on Tuesday December 13.


The mullahs' anti-human regime on International Human Rights Day transferred 11 prisoners in Gohardasht prison to solitary confinement for execution and at dawn on Sunday December 11 hanged 10 of them.

At least 52 prisoners were executed in Iran in November. Among them, Shaban Ranjbar, after 20 years imprisonment in Rasht Central Prison and Gholam Hossein Beigi, after 18 years imprisonment in Khomein, were hanged on November 23 and 26 respectively.

NCRI - The increased tendency among people, especially youth, towards social networks has now turned into a security crisis for the Iranian regime.

According to figures, despite regime’s measures to censor, filter and control the internet, nearly 22 million Iranians have joined the Telegram social network alone.