NCRI - Commenting on the new US government’s policy in the region especially with regard to the Syrian revolution and people, Dr. Nasr Alhariri of the Syrian National Coalition has told Al-Arabiya TV that “there are realities that have surprised even Assad’s allies. Russia has realized that Assad’s regime doesn’t really exist anymore.”

NCRI - Iran's chief of the ‘Construction Workers Association’ said: “According to experts the monthly income of less than $580, is considered below the poverty line and while the construction workers monthly salary is $230, this figure is not the poverty line anymore, this is the misery line!”


NCRI - According to reports, the residents of a settlement in Karaj – Western Tehran clashed on Monday November 14 with about 2,000 of municipal agents accompanied by law enforcement and Special Forces who attempted to destroy the residents’ houses, under the pretense that these buildings pose environmental and health threat to citizens.

Officials emphasize on the regime's continued need for the death penalty

Six prisoners were executed in the Orumiyeh Prison (northwest Iran) and three in the Rasht Prison (northern Iran) between November 12 and 14, 2016.

NCRI - According to reports from Iranian prisons, the political prisoners Rasoul Razavi, Morteza Morad Pour and Hossein Ali Mohammadi were still on hunger strike on 12 November.

In protest against not being released, political prisoner Rasoul Razavi began his hunger strike on October 4, following which he was sent to exile in Karaj’s Gohardasht Prison.


NCRI - A group of youth in Kermanshah (Western Iran) have supported the Iranian people’s justice-seeking movement.

Commemorating the courageous MEK/PMOI political prisoners massacred in 1988, they stressed that the perpetrators as well as instigators in the inhumane crime be put to trial.


NCRI - Police chief of ‘Greater Tehran Venues’, announced on Saturday, November 12: “In the first seven months of this year, 713,546 satellite dish, 923,299 LNB and 10,766 satellite receivers were seized.


NCRI - For the seventh consecutive day, in Central city of Qazvin Glass workers held a protest rally on Tuesday 8 November in the factory area and in front of its entrance.

According to Sobheqazvin state news agency (, the workers were protesting against not being paid for the past six months.

NCRI - Due to a severe bone pain, the Evin political prisoner Seyed Mohammad Hossein Kazemeyni Boroujerdi has been twice taken to the prison’s healthcare unit during the past few days, only to be returned to his ward without receiving a proper treatment.


Imprisonment and cash fine for those arrested in Sardasht protest

Five prisoners were hanged in Kerman Prison (southern Iran) and a 24-year-old man was hanged in public in Chalmeh Sang village near Mashhad (northeast Iran). Another prisoner was hanged in public on November 9 in Shiraz, southern Iran.