In a brutal and horrific crime, the mullahs' henchmen blinded both eyes of a prisoner on November 8. Mohammad Shahriari, the criminal head of Tehran Court, said in this regard, "The dossier had been sent to Tehran Criminal Court in the form of proxy; on the current day and with the presence of the head of Tehran Criminal Court and related experts,

NCRI - The Saudi Al-Hayat newspaper in an article titled “Call for trial of Khamenei and Rouhani for the 1988 massacre” reviews the rising international movement for justice for victims of the massacre of political prisoners in 1988 in Iran.

The following is translation of excerpts of the article published in 5 November issue of  Al-Hayat Arabic daily:

Last June, the Iranian people commemorated the anniversary of heinous massacre of political prisoners by Iranian regime. The massacre, which carried out by “Death Commissions” starting late June 1988, is considered to be one of the most terrible crimes (against humanity).


NCRI - Mehr New Agency affiliated with Iranian regime’s Ministry of Intelligence and Security (MOIS) on 7th November 2016 published a report about the indigence and misery of the Iranian people under the clerical regime. The people are so desperate that they put their children for auction.

NCRI - On Sunday November 6, 2016 a massive online campaign was held in support of the children in the resistance city of Aleppo.

In this campaign with #StandwithAleppo hashtag in social media, in addition to support provided by people from various countries, children and people of Aleppo in documentary reports explained the deteriorating humanitarian situation of the city under siege by Assad troops and Khamenei’s dispatched agents and mercenaries.

NCRI - On Friday, November 4, Iranian regime’s police chief in Dezful (Khuzestan province) announced that 11 girls and 12 boys were arrested in connection with a “private mixed - gender party” held in a garden in Dezful. He said these boys and girls on the eve of Arbaeen (a religious ceremony in Iran) committed “norm-breaking” by holding a mixed-gender ceremony.


NCRI - The Deputy Commander of the terrorist Qods Force affiliated with IRGC referred to the Iranian regime's involvement in the Syria's Civil War as well as the participation of the regime in slaughtering the people. He called this year as the year of destiny for the regime and said:"in the current year, destiny only determines the result of this Civil War in Syria. This war requires commanders who can impose the will of the Iranian regime to the enemies."


NCRI - Arab Federation for Human Rights issued a statement calling for UN investigation into mass executions of 30,000 Iranian political prisoners in 1988.

According to Al-Arabiya net Farsi on November 3, the Federation declared its full support for the global campaign to prosecute leaders of the Iranian regime responsible for what it describes as the “massacre of political prisoners in mid-1988 in Iran.”

NCRI - According to reports, the Iranian regime’s intelligence agents and security forces arrested four people on charges of launching demonstration in support of political prisoners on hunger strike in Tabriz prison.

The names of the arrestees are: Ghadrollah Yousefi, Hassan Ayoubi, Asghar Tarafi, and Hadad Bodaghi.

NCRI - The head of Iranian regime’s Social Workers Association acknowledged on Wednesday November 2 that following Iraq, Iran under the rule of the Mullahs is the second saddest country in the world.

According to ISNA state news agency, Hassan Mousavi Chalak stated that based on average statistics on social happiness provided by a number of respected International organizations, Iran is not among the happy countries. He added: “among 185 countries,


NCRI - A board member of the so-called Tehran Province’s Association of Islamic Labor Councils has said: “the Ministry of Health seeks possession of workers’ medical resources by wasting of which it can move forward with its failed Health Transformation Project.”