Confrontations Within Various Factions of Iran Regime Over 2030 UNESCO Document

NCRI - Fazel Lankarani, a government affiliated cleric from Ali Khamenei’s faction called a ban over 2030 UNESCO document signed in by the government of president Hassan Rouhani, he stated: The pen that has written this document, is blasphemous.

Iran: The Continuation of Arrests After Khamenei's "Fire-At-Will Forma" Order

NCRI - Following Khamenei's remark and his order of "fire-at-will forma", the repressive measures has increased on Friday 9 and many young men and Sunni activists got arrested in Kurdistan and other southern provinces including Khuzestan.

 Execution in  Iran

NCRI - The mullahs’ regime is preparing itself for more criminal and mass executions. In Zabol Central Prison, southeast Iran, 30 prisoners are said to be on death row with execution rulings confirmed by the regime’s supreme court, reports indicate. Most of these prisoners are under the age of 40 and two were juveniles during their alleged crime. 80% of the inmates in Zabol Central Prison are Sunni.

Mine Managed by Security-Linked Fund

NCRI - The Iranian Parliament issued a report on Wednesday announcing Mehr Iran Fund, an entity linked to the Revolutionary Guards Basij, managed the mine that exploded recently in northern Iran. The stocks of this mine belong to this security entity, according to this report.

 Otto Bernhardt

NCRI - Otto Bernhardt, President of the German Solidarity Committee for a Free Iran and member of the Konrad-Adenauer Foundation Board of Directors, sent a message of support for the upcoming Iranian opposition grand gathering scheduled for July 1st. He referred to the increasing number of executions under Hassan Rouhani’s presidency and emphasized, “There is a democratic opposition facing this regime.”

the Massacre of 1988

As the movement for justice for martyrs of the massacre of political prisoners inside Iran and at the international level rises up, the clerical regime is trying to destroy the traces of the 1988 massacre. One of these measures is the destruction of mass graves of martyrs in different cities.