NCRI - On Sunday November 27th 2016, Etemad Newspaper affiliated with the regime, warned about a clip which is circulating in the social media showing a peddler woman being slapped in the face, in Fooman, north of Iran.

NCRi - Today In response to the Special Clerical Court’s verdict of 21 years imprisonment and defrocking, in an interview Ahmad Montazeri called the verdict ridiculous and said: "I believe to prevent the publishing of the next files they are exerting this kind of pressure.”

NCRI - Today November 27, late Ayatollah Montazeri’s son Ahmad Montazeri was sentenced to imprisonment and defrocking, according to an announcement by the Montazeri’s official website.


There has been an atrocious rise in the number of executions in Iran under the mullahs’ president, Hassan Rouhani, according to dissident writer Heshmat Alavi writing in the American Thinker on November 23.

The following is the text of the op-ed: 


November 23, 2016 


Iranian Regime’s Member of Parliament: 5,000 young people of 20 to 30 years old in Iran’s prisons are on death row

The religious fascism ruling Iran, in order to intensify the atmosphere of intimidation and to prevent popular uprising, has resorted to public hangings, and everyday shows horrendous scenes of hanging bodies from the cranes in public.

Protesters demanded the release of Mohammad Ali Taheri, being in his second month of hunger strike

On Tuesday, November 22, the regime's oppressive forces brutally attacked a group of people who had gathered in front of the UN office in Tehran to protest against the continued detention of political prisoner Mr. Mohammad Ali Taheri and lack of news about him.

NCRI - On Tuesday morning, November 2, dozens of sympathizer of political prisoner Mohammad Ali Taheri, staged a protest gathering in front of the United Nations’ office against his continued detention, while at the fifty-sixth day of hunger strike.

Iranian Resistance calls on international human rights bodies, especially the High Commissioner for Human Rights and the Special Rapporteur on the human rights situation in Iran, for immediate and effective measures to address the situation of political prisoners on hunger strike. Not only does the religious fascism ruling Iran not respond to the demands of legitimate political prisoners, but puts them doubly under persecution and torture by fabricating fake files and denying them necessary medical care.

NCRI - In their statement on Wednesday November 16, political prisoners have expressed solidarity with teachers, workers and students.

Parts of the statement are as follows:

We commend your dignity, your unity and solidarity and your endless determination.

NCRI - The EU office in Tehran is the second US spy-house

On Monday November 18, a prominent Mullah and close confidant of Iran regime’s supreme leader expressed the Iranian regime’s fear of opening the EU office in Tehran, rejecting the move as ‘opening a hangout for spies’.