NCRI - The latest news about Arash Sadeghi on the 66th day of hunger strike; the danger of stroke and coma

The political prisoner of ward 8, Arash Sadeghi was transferred to the infirmary last night due to hypotension (60 over 80), heart palpitations, asthma and coughing up blood. They connected the oxygen mask and its source to him and returned him to the ward.

NCRI - According to a report by the state-run Fars news agency affiliated to the Iran regime’s Revolutionary Guards (IRGC), 25 people including an actor and an author of satirical programs were arrested in Tehran after the police and security forces raided a party in the capital city.


NCRI -  group of political prisoners in Karaj – Western Tehran have in a letter condemned the crimes committed by the Iranian regime and its mercenaries in Syria while expressing their solidarity with people in Aleppo.

Part of the letter is as follows:

NCRI - on Saturday, December 24 a rally was held in front of the Iranian regime's embassy in Paris at the invitation of ‘Syrian Revolution coordination’.

In this demonstration hundreds of Syrian people and the members and supporters of the Iranian resistance participated in order to protest the crimes against humanity which has been committed against heroic people of Aleppo by Bashar Assad and Iran regime’s forces and mercenaries, as well as condemning the attempts of the Iranian Guard blocking the evacuation of civilians and militants from East Aleppo.

NCRI - India’s Center for Social Research (CSR) issued a statement supporting the Iranian people's campaign for seeking justice for the victims and families of 30,000 political prisoners who were massacred in the summer of 1988 in Iran.

NCRI - Tehran’s prosecutor, Abbas Jafari Dowlatâbâdi, admitted that 500 billion Tomans ($15.5 million dollar) funds allocated to homeless has been stolen by the government officials. According to him, government officials have used the names of homeless people as the shareholders of front companies to receive millions of dollars funds allocated to the homeless.

NCRI - Member of Iranian regime’s parliament on Wednesday December 21 admitted that Qassem Soleimani, commander of terrorist Quds Force, was present in Syria and said his trip to Aleppo was done at the request of Syrian government officials.

NCRI - A year after signing the nuclear deal, while significant problems such as export restrictions and the prohibition of the international bank transfer (swift) have been resolved a transparent atmosphere is created to identify the radical economic problems of Iran.


NCRI - Secretary of the Iranian regime’s so-called ‘Assembly of Islamic Revolution’s Educated Women’ claimed that “in hot climate regions, some (girls) may be well prepared to marry at 13 or even lower, and they may fall into corruption unless they get married.”

NCRI - This morning, December22, a prisoner was hanged in public in the city of Ilam – Western Iran.

The public execution was carried out this morning, in the city center of Ilam in the presence of chief Justice, the public prosecutor, criminal justice and police chief, the state run Mehr news agency reported.