12 Million People in Iran Are Under the Absolute Poverty Line

NCRI - In an interviewing with state-run media on July 6, head of the executive committee of the so-called Khomeini's command admitted that the poverty situation in Iran is extremely inappropriate, with 12 million people living below the absolute poverty line and 25 to 30 million people below the poverty line.

Unemployment Rate in Iran

NCRI - According to the released news in the state-run websites on July 4, 2017, the unemployment and its problems, including indigence, are the main causes and motives for committing crimes in Iran. The increase of unemployment rate among graduates has raised the possibility of committing crimes in order to get rid of the pressures stemming from the economic issues.

PMOI martyrs’ graves vandalized in northwest Iran

Call for urgent action to prevent destruction of 1988 massacre evidence

During the past few days the mullahs’ regime in the city of Tabriz, northwest Iran, has begun a campaign of vandalizing graves of members of the People's Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI/MEK) executed back in the 1980s,

Iran Regime's Official: Unemployment Bringing Kurdistan Youths to Total Desperation

NCRI - Chief of the Kurdistan Province Labor Council acknowledged widespread unemployment among young men and women.

“Kurdistan Province is in very poor conditions in regards to employment. A large number of young men and women, and college graduates are seen selling goods on the streets or carrying heavy loads through border crossings,” Shaker Ibrahim said on Friday.

Iran: Security Forces Authorized to Enter Private Beaches

NCRI - Iran’s Moral Police chief said his agents are now authorized to enter private beaches on Iran’s coasts.

“Private beaches that host public guests will no longer be considered private areas and police officers will enter these areas. There will be no legal restrictions, similar to other areas,” said Gholam-Heidar Heidari.

“According to the new police agenda for this year, owners of private beaches must be held accountable for any social problems and incidents on their property… the police will implement these new regulations this summer,”, he added.

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran

A regime broker: Plunderer institutions have political power and a special backing that circumvents the law

On the morning of Wednesday June 21, thousands of victims of financial institutions belonging to the Revolutionary Guards, the Basij Organization, the Police and the Judiciary in Tehran, Mashhad, Ahvaz, Babol, Abhar, Ardebil and Rasht staged rallies.

The Rise in the Number of Injuries of Thursday's Suppression of Gold Miners' Families in North West Iran

NCRI - The number of injuries of protesting workers’ families have risen to 13 persons at a gold mine in North West Iran.

They were beaten up by Iranian regime's security forces. According to obtained reports, some of them have sought medical treatments in nearby cities, and some have privately gotten treatments in their homes due to fear of arrest by the security forces.

Forced migration and demographic change policies that are being implemented by Assad’s regime

NCRI - Forced migration and demographic change policies that are being implemented by Assad’s regime, its paratroops and collaborators, is threatening national identity and social structure of Syria. The bureau of Legal studies of Syria from the Syrian National Coalition announced the above news.