NCRI - The families of executed prisoners staged a gathering on Thursday December 15 in front of central prison of Karaj in cold weather to protest execution of their loved ones and to demand return of their bodies to the families.

The Iranian regime agents first resisted the families demand to hand over the bodies of their loved ones and told the families that for security reasons and in order to prevent publication of the executed prisoners’ photos and video clips, they would wash (Ghusl) the bodies and bury them but the families stood against this crime and violation their basic rights and protested. Khamenei’s henchmen, fearing further escalation of the protest, backed off and handed over the bodies of executed prisoners to their families.

NCRI - Spending his 10th day of hunger strike, the severely weakened political prisoner Behnam Mousivand was taken to Gohardasht prison’s medical unit, and from there to a hospital outside the prison on Tuesday December 13.


The mullahs' anti-human regime on International Human Rights Day transferred 11 prisoners in Gohardasht prison to solitary confinement for execution and at dawn on Sunday December 11 hanged 10 of them.

At least 52 prisoners were executed in Iran in November. Among them, Shaban Ranjbar, after 20 years imprisonment in Rasht Central Prison and Gholam Hossein Beigi, after 18 years imprisonment in Khomein, were hanged on November 23 and 26 respectively.

NCRI - The increased tendency among people, especially youth, towards social networks has now turned into a security crisis for the Iranian regime.

According to figures, despite regime’s measures to censor, filter and control the internet, nearly 22 million Iranians have joined the Telegram social network alone.

NCRI - During a football match between two Iranian premier league teams, Esteghlal (of Tehran) and Tractor Sazi (of Tabriz), on Friday December 9, the Iranian regime’s security agents prevented entry of a 7-year-old girl to Azadi Stadium where the match was held. The girl and her father came to Tehran from Shabestar, a city in East Azerbaijan Province, in order to watch the game closely.

NCRI - This morning, Sunday, December 11, Iran regime collectively hanged 10 prisoners in western Tehran, Gohardasht prison.

Victims were transferred to solitary confinement yesterday.

NCRI - On Thursday December 8, thousands of people staged demonstration in South Western city of Ahvaz to protest the decision by Iranian regime’s officials to transfer the Karoon River’s water to Isfahan.

Protestors held placards demanding a halt to the project of Karoun’s water transfer and a solution to (addressing) the problem of dust (in the air) and other environmental problems. Some of the slogans written on the placards include: “Karoun’s death is death of Khuzestan” and “Karoun is our red line.”

NCRI - On Thursday December 8, the political prisoner Arash Sadeghi in his 45th day of hunger strike was transferred to the prison infirmary due to severe breathing problems and heart palpitations to be connected to an oxygen device. Prison infirmary doctor described his condition as very worrying.

NCRI -The Sattelite channel of the Iranian Resistance (NCRI) had an interview with a female architect, Lina a-Shami from Syria on Monday. The following is the part of the interview

Ms. Lina al-Shami: the situation is catastrophic in Aleppo. The city is under siege for more than hundred days and it is targeted with a variety of weapons and missiles, ballistic missiles, cluster bombs and explosive barrels.

The following is an editorial published by the Wall Street Journal on Thursday, December 1, 2016 on the 1988 massacre of political prisoners in Iran:  

The Wall Street Journal


Iran’s Prisoner of the Revolution