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NCRI - Former United States Ambassador to the United Nations Human Rights Commission, Ken Blackwell, has written a letter to Nikki Haley, the current Ambassador, last week. He urged her to investigate the 1988 massacre that happened in Iran.

Burial Ceremony of an Imprisoned Labor Activist
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NCRI - On Friday morning, October 6, funeral ceremony of the political prisoner and labor activist Mohammad Jarrahi was held in Tabriz with the presence of family members and a number of civil and labor activists.

Conditions for Porters Who Are Targeted by Iran Regime Agents

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NCRI - The porters in Iran face very high risks for a very low pay. Smuggling is a risky business as it is, but those smuggling trade in Iran are at particularly high risk and there have already been hundreds of deaths.

m.Soheil Arabi,

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NCRI - Monday morning, October 2, a protest gathering was staged in front of the Iranian regime's parliament in response to a call by the mother of Soheil Arabi, a political prisoner who is on dry hunger strike in Evin Prison.

Iran: Humiliating Torture of Detainees by Regime's Security Forces
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NCRI - A video clip from Iran, which has been widely shared in social networks shows that regime's security forces beating Arab residents in the city of Ahvaz - Southwestern Iran, in a degrading manner and force them to imitate dogs by barking, there is no precise information concerning the place and time of this disgusting action, but some informed sources have mentioned August 13, 2017 concurrent to religious moslem Eide Ghorban celebrations in which security forces had arrested several civil activists and citizens in Ahvaz.

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran

Iranian Resistance calls on all international human rights advocates to take action to save Soheil Arabi’s life, a 32-year-old political prisoner who is in a state of emergency on his thirty-ninth day of hunger strike (including 9 days of dry strike), and demands urgent and effective action for his freedom. Soheil Arabi, despite deterioration of his condition, is deprived of necessary treatment.

Human Rights in Iran Under Spotlight on the 'Place De La Bastille' in Paris
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NCRI - On Friday September29, the historic Place de la Bastille in Paris - France, witnessed, the theater of a cluster of shoes and flowers symbolizing the 30,000 political prisoners executed in 1988 in Iran.

Schools of Iran's Oil-Rich Region Do Not Have Teachers

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NCRI - The new academic year in Iran started while some schools in oil-rich south western province of Iran do not have teachers. In addition, most of the facilities of these schools is worn out and unusable.

Pastor Youssef Naderkhani’s son

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NCRI - Pressure on the family of Christian pastor in Iran has augmented. According to reports, the agents of the Iranian regime have even refused to register Pastor Youssef Naderkhani’s son at the school. This is while this new Christian, in addition to 10 years in prison, has also been sentenced to two years of exile to the city of Nikshahr in Sistan and Baluchistan province (South-East of Iran).