The Iranian regime executed a political prisoner in the northwestern city of Oroumieh on Saturday, according to reports.

Hossein Khezri was hanged without the prior knowledge of his family or lawyer.

The husband of an Iranian lawyer human rights lawyer, Nasrin Sotoudeh, was arrested on the weekend in Iran, news sources reported on Sunday.

After receiving a summoning notice last week, Reza Khandan referred to Evin prison in Tehran where he was subsequently detained.

In a suppressive and criminal decision, Mrs. Nasrin Sotoudeh, lawyer of political prisoners in Iran, has been sentenced to 11 years of imprisonment, 20 year ban on leaving the country, and 20 year ban on practicing law. She was charged with “collaborating against state security, propaganda against the establishment, and not observing hejab (the regime’s dress code) while delivering speech.”

Assault on Ashraf – No. 4

Some of the agents brought to Ashraf today came from Basra, Amara, Nasseriah and Baghdad and they are mainly between 15 and 18. These agents were taken to Najaf, Karbala and Samara in the past two days and the regime’s embassy paid for all the costs.

The Iranian regime hanged a man in public on Wednesday in Tehran (Kag Saadatabad Sq) according to Herana news agency.

A day before the execution, the regime’s judiciary lashed the accused 74 times. Wednesday’s execution happened in front of the man’s parents.

Some parliamentary quarters in Egypt are accusing the Iranian regime of being involved in a church bombing in Alexandria which left about one hundred dead and injured, according to the Kuwaiti daily al-Seyassah on Monday.

The paper said, “some Egyptian circles told a delegation visiting from Persian Gulf states that there is extensive intelligence that the Iranian regime is behind the bombing, which is similar to bombings carried out in Iraq and Yemen.”

Political prisoner Mr. Mohsen Dokmechi, 50, who is suffering from Pancreatic Cancer, is in critical condition due to lack of essential medical care. Symptoms of the illness became apparent months ago, yet the mullahs’ henchmen refrained from giving him any medical attention. Now, due to the progress of his cancer, he is suffering from severe pains and has lost a lot of weight. He was transferred to Taleqani Hospital last week.

NCRI – Seven political prisoners exiled to the Gohardasht prison are in critical condition, according to a student group.

They were transferred two days ago from Ward 4 to Ward 2 of the prison, which is located in the city of Karaj near Tehran. The transfer has led to a growing number of health problems for the prisoners.

NCRI - The Iranian regime has backed down from executing an imprisoned lawyer after being faced with popular protests against the planned hanging.

The regime had declared that Habibollah Latifi, a young law student, was scheduled for execution Sunday morning in Sanandaj prison. The mullahs’ regime did not carry out the hanging, however, after popular protests.

A Kurdish student has been scheduled to be executed on Sunday by the Iranian regime.

Amnesty International released a statement on Friday calling for the prevention of the execution of Habibollah Latifi.