exacutionFour people were publicly flogged by the Iranian regime at Gonbad Kavous, according to the state-run Kayhan daily on Wednesday.

The daily added that the four were charged with “disturbing public peace and destroying shops.” It added that each was flogged 74 times in public at the city’s central square.

Lt.Gen- ConeA US Army official has said that the Iranian regime’s terrorist Qods Force is behind the most number of violent terrorist attacks in Iraq.

The Qods Force, commanded by Qasem Soleimani, is the extraterritorial arm of the Iranian regime’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC).

On the occasion of World Day against the Death Penalty
Rally in Paris in protest to death sentences against political prisoners; ?
Call on EU to sanction perpetrators of execution and torture in Iran

Rally Paris

On the occasion of World Day against the Death Penalty and in protest to death sentences ?against political prisoners as ‘Mohareb’ (enemy of God), a major rally and demonstration ?was staged in Paris on Saturday, October 9. Participants called upon the European Union to ?impose sanctions against Iranian regime’s officials for their systematic violation of human ?rights including suppression of dissidents and protesters.

Oroumieh PrisonAn Iranian political prisoner has sent out a letter from prison revealing the Iranian ?regime’s attempts to fabricate a case against him as well as his days under severe torture, ?according to Rahana news agency.?

Seyyed Sami Hosseini is currently being held at Oroumieh Prison, northwestern Iran, and ?is sentenced to death.

Zanan ZendanThe Iranian regime has placed female inmates at the notorious Evin Prison in ?Tehran in appalling conditions and imposes an array of additional restrictions, according ?to obtained reports.?

A number of toddlers and children under the age of 2 are also believed to live at the ?Women’s Ward with their mothers.

Iran executionAccording to reports, a number of juveniles charged by the Iranian regime are being held at Gohardasht prison in the city of Karaj, with many of them already on death row. Identification documentations for some of these young prisoners have been expired and they are left with no legal identities.

The names of some of these unidentified juveniles that are now on death row include:

executionThe Iranian regime hanged six prisoners on Monday, according to the state-run Fars and ISNA news agencies. According to the regime’s media outlets, three were hanged at the Yazd central prison and three at Ahvaz’s Karoun prison.

PillayThe UN Human Rights Council opened its 15th session in Geneva on Monday, planning to meet for the next three weeks until October 1.

In her opening remarks, the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, Navi Pillay, stressed the “pressing need” for human rights protection “both in emergencies and chronic human rights situations,” according to the UN body’s official website.

ZananThere is only running water for 2 hours a day at the notorious Evin Prison’s Women’s Ward, according to reports. For the rest of the day inmates do not have access to water, which has led to a critical situation.

Telephone contact with the outside world has also become very challenging.

EUPOn Thursday, the European Parliament adopted a resolution condemning increasing human rights violations in Iran while calling for the annulment of execution sentences.

The resolution also denounced the arrest and imprisonment of political and civil rights activists, including Nasrin Sotoudeh, a human rights lawyer, and the continuation and growth of the number of execution sentences, including the barbaric death by stoning.