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European Parliament

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Aggression against Ashraf

7 Jan 2011 ashraf

Iran Update

60-boys-and-girls-arrested-in-iran-capital-for-attending-mixed-gender-partyNCRI – Iran's fundamentalist regime has arrested more than 60 boys and girls for attending a mixed-gender party in a park near the capital...
iran-execution-of-a-young-prisoner-in-public  On August 11, 2016, the antihuman clerical regime hanged Hossein Abdollahi, 33, in public in one of the main boulevards of the city of Ravansar in...
saudi-foreign-minister-iran-regime-cannot-escape-the-evidence-of-its-aggressionNCRI - At an event about terrorism organized by the Belgian Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Brussels, on 21 July, Saudi Arabia's Foreign Minister Adel...
reconsidering-western-optimism-a-year-after-the-iran-nuclear-dealThe "hope of moderation" in Iran under Hassan Rouhani has proved as false as it was naïve, writes Prof. Ivan Sascha Sheehan."Not only was the rhetoric...

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