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7 Jan 2011 ashraf

Iran Update

iran-accelerates-sending-weapons-and-militias-to-syria  NCRI - Using its commercial aircrafts, Iran has accelerated sending Iraqi and Afghan Shiite militias as well as weapons to Syria, to help Assad regime...
iran-regime-s-female-official-said-judiciary-must-deal-with-gender-equality-activistsNCRI - Minoo Aslani in charge of women’s branch of ‘Basij’ paramilitary force, stated: Iran regime’s commitment to the United Nations for the realization...
audi-arabia-condemns-smuggling-of-weapons-by-iran-regime-for-the-houthi-militantsNCRI - Saudi Arabia’s foreign ministry condemned the smuggling of weapons by the regime in Iran for the Houthi and Ali Abdollah Saleh militants and...
yemen-warns-of-dangers-of-iranian-regime-s-meddling-in-the-regionNCRI - The representative of Yemen in the Arab League, Riyadh al-Akbari, warned about the dangers of the Iranian regime’s meddling in the region and...

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